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About Us

Take a minute to learn a few interesting things about the Oshawa painters, which are going to transform your world. Most likely, your current question is why choose Oshawa Painters and not another local company! And we are going to give you some good reasons for that too. Our ultimate goal, at this point, is to introduce ourselves, tell you how we work and all the lovely things we can do for you, explain the advantages of working with our painting company in Oshawa, Ontario.

Top Oshawa painters – our reputation precedes us

About Us

If you heard rumors about our team being the painters Oshawa people trust and trust again with their commercial and residential jobs, believe them. They are all true. Seriously now, our reputation as a painting company is spotless, truly remarkable and this explains why we see customers return to us. It also speaks volumes about the way we do our work. So, should we take things from the beginning and pinpoint the features you likely seek in painting companies?

Full painting services – an advantage you can’t ignore

Don’t think about it. If you want a painting job, just contact us. You can count on us for complete painting services in Oshawa. No need to worry about your home, office, the school, the firm, the condo, the kitchen cabinets. Whether this is a big project or a small-scale job, we are on it with equal zeal, enthusiasm, and professionalism. Isn’t that great?

Yes, our team is experienced with commercial and residential painting services, interior and exterior jobs. No matter the scale of the project, the size of the building, the urgency (or not) of the situation, you can rely on our painting team.

Experienced and licensed painters – a fact you need to know

Having experienced house painters refreshing the living room or finishing the exterior is essential. Same thing for all properties and jobs. The skills, the qualifications, and the expertise of the painters make a world of difference in the way the job is done.

Besides, even a tiny home or commercial painting job involves some prep work – let alone large properties, big projects, damaged surfaces. The painters do all the preparatory tasks necessary in both the exterior and interior – from deck and drywall repair and from scraping, patching, and sanding to caulking windows and fixing fences, removing popcorn ceiling and wallpaper. The surface becomes free of imperfections, smooth, ready to absorb the primes and paints, always as required.

The little things that set our painting company apart – this part you want to read

Some surfaces are really damaged, some are not. Some are made of wood, some of metal, some surfaces are brick and drywall. The advantage of putting your trust in our company is that we know materials and what paints adhere best on each surface, indoors and outdoors.

With us, you don’t worry about the way the painting service is done. Even if the job involves the messy removal of a popcorn ceiling, it’s done in the least possible hassle way. We explain the differences between the coatings, and talk with you about colors, from the start, while the estimate is offered free of charge, and with no obligation on your part. Yes, with us, you don’t worry. Why should you? We are the best painters in Oshawa and for many good reasons too. Want to find out firsthand?