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Brick Painting Oshawa

We are available for brick painting in Oshawa, Ontario. Whether you are looking to refresh your interior, improve your exterior, or change a brick surface color you dislike, our company is at your service.

Despite its timeless appeal, brick can be transformed with new colors to refresh your home or align with your current aesthetic preferences. Painting brick though is not easy. To get the utmost results, it’s best to entrust this challenging job to experts. And if you live in Oshawa, you will be happy with our team. Let us tell you how Oshawa Painters can be of service to you.

For brick painting, Oshawa residents can count on us

With one message or phone call to our company, you can learn more about Oshawa brick painting services. You can discuss your project and get a free consultation and quotation. There’s no obligation. We assure you. And so, you shouldn’t hesitate. If you want one or more brick surfaces painted, or if you want interior stone wall painting, get in touch with us.

Interior and exterior brick wall painting services

  •          Is your house’s exterior covered with brick? No worries. Trust us with the brick wall painting job. Let’s talk. With the right finishing products, the aesthetics of exterior brick surfaces are enhanced. More importantly, they provide a protective layer, shielding the surface from the elements. The Oshawa painters assigned to such jobs always use products suitable for the exterior and brick surfaces. More than that, they prep the surface according to the brick requirements and its present condition, ensuring excellent paint adhesion and longevity.
  •          Expect equal diligence for interior brick wall painting services. Interior brick surfaces may not take the beating of exterior walls but they still need to be shielded and prepped to be painted correctly, for beautiful and long-lasting results. Brick walls that serve as accents or brick fireplaces and mantels take a new character with fresh color.

Expert brick painters

One of the advantages of choosing our Oshawa painting company for this project of yours is our experience with brick surfaces. We provide suitable finishing options from the start, based on the brick surface and its location – inside or outside the house.

One more element that contributes to the exceptional and long-lasting outcome of the painting service is the way the job is done overall. The painters prepare the surface as needed, leaving it clean and free of dents. Then, they finish as agreed, ensuring a great result.

The brick painting process

If we wanted to break down the steps of brick painting services, we would talk about the following order.

  •          Brick color consultation – you get ideas and suggestions about colors and finishes that will match your aesthetics. You also get an estimate for the service – all free of charge and obligation.
  •          Brick surface preparation – assuming you assign the service to us, the pros clean, fix, and overall prep as required to ensure tip-top paint adhesion and fantastic results.
  •          Brick painting – once the prep stage is completed, the surface is primed and finished as agreed.

Ready to talk about your project, find out details, and talk about colors and finish choices? The best in Oshawa brick painting contractors are at your service. Contact our team.