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Garage Painting

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the garage painted without putting any effort yourself? That’s easy if you need garage painting in Oshawa, Ontario. Our company is ready to serve all residents interested in refreshing their garage interior. We serve all those who want to refresh the inside part of the garage door, repaint the outer side, put color on the interior walls, and refinish the ceiling. These are common requests we get from customers.

Of course, Oshawa Painters is available for full services. And experienced with both interior and exterior painting services. Consequently, if you want the interior of the garage painted along with the house exterior, just let us know. If you need just the garage door painted, we’ll still be the team to contact. With skilled painters, Oshawa projects are all done to perfection.

Should we talk about your Oshawa garage painting needs?

Garage Painting Oshawa

Let’s talk about painting garage interiors. If you are interested in garage painting, Oshawa pros are ready to provide the information you need regarding the service. You surely need to ask about the cost, what’s included, how soon it can take place, what colors and finishing coatings will be best for your home, and similar things. Right? On our side, we need to know what you need and what materials are found in your garage in order to provide the best painting ideas, colors, finishing coatings, and solutions. Once we know what you want, we can also offer a quote. Why don’t you contact us?

Interior garage painting – garage doors included

What does a home garage painting job usually include? Before we get into that, let us say that all surfaces are prepped before anything else. The pros start by cleaning and prepping the garage floor, walls, ceilings, and all parts. The meaning of this phase is to fill all holes and address all imperfections aiming at making the surface even and smooth – thus, ready for the finishing phase. Since we are talking about interior garage painting jobs, the service usually involves the following.

  •          Painting the garage walls the color of your choice to make the interior more inviting, even if you just use it to park the car.
  •          Painting the garage floor, especially if we are talking about a concrete garage floor that could use a fresh color and sealing.
  •          Painting the garage ceiling to make it bright and give the impression that the space is larger.
  •          Painting garage trims and columns – any architectural elements that may be found in the space.
  •          Painting garage doors in spite of the material. Although we talk about interior garage painting, the outer part of the garage door is also painted. In fact, it’s painted with suitable products to withstand the elements. And so, a full garage door painting job is included in the service.
  •          Painting the interior door found in the garage – the one that leads inside the house. It can be painted inside and out, despite its material.

If it’s time to paint garage interior spaces and the garage door – some or all parts, get in touch with our team. Get a free estimate, learn more about the process, and receive answers to your questions. Our team is here and ready to serve all those who want at their home in Oshawa garage painting.