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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

The easy way to revamp the kitchen without actually paying for renovation is to paint the cabinets. And when it comes to kitchen cabinet painting in Oshawa, Ontario, the sure way to get stunning results at a reasonable price is to entrust the job to our company.

Painting kitchen cabinets is harder than it sounds. It involves several steps and requires knowledge, expertise, and the proper equipment. If you want to refresh the kitchen cabinets, why go through the hassle alone especially now that you know Oshawa Painters?

Best in Oshawa kitchen cabinet painting experts

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Oshawa

The main benefit of turning to our team for the Oshawa kitchen cabinet painting is our experience. That’s the umbrella of all good things that come along with our team. We bring knowledge, know-how, the right tools, color and finish choices, expertise, and all other elements needed for a job perfectly done.

Do you need the kitchen cabinets painted for the first time? Or, cabinet repainting? Maybe, you prefer the wooden cabinets stained? In any case, you can count on our team. Are your cabinets wooden, vinyl, composite? It’s all the same to us since we have experience with all materials – and how they are prepped and finished. The job is done when you need it – it starts as agreed and is completed as scheduled.

How to get started with the kitchen cabinet painting service

How to get started with cabinet painting? It’s easy. You contact our team – message or call us, and tell us about your kitchen cabinets and what you have in mind. A painting contractor talks with you, takes a look at the cabinets – the material, their condition, if there’s crown molding too, et cetera, suggests painting solutions, speaks about colors and finishes with you, and provides a free estimate.

The main steps of kitchen cabinets finishing

How’s the job done? The painters arrive as scheduled and fully equipped for the job. They remove the cabinet doors, the drawers, and the hardware and primarily prep them. This first stage involves fixing damage, filling holes, and sanding to make the surface smooth. If the cabinets are already painted, the old paint is scraped before the surface is sanded. Once the first phase is completed, the pros prime and paint as agreed. When the paint dries, everything is put back again.

Want your kitchen cabinets repainted? Painted for the first time?

As we already mentioned, the service involves color and finish consultation. Cabinet refinishing is a big job and must be done right, from the start. And so, we pay attention to all details, from the material to the condition of the cabinets, and help you choose paints suitable for the kitchen for long-lasting performance. We also help you select a color and finish that will best match your kitchen’s character and style. Consequently, this kitchen improvement will be free of stress for you and will leave you happy without having spent much. If you are considering kitchen cabinet painting, Oshawa experts stand before you and are ready to offer quotes, solutions, and service. Let’s do this.