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Wallpaper Removal & Installation

Our understanding is that you are looking for pros with expertise in wallpaper removal and installation in Oshawa, Ontario. If our assumption is correct, feel free to contact our team. Also, contact us if you instead want the wallpaper removed and the wall painted.

Oshawa Painters is experienced with such projects. After all, as a professional company with huge experience in interior painting services, we have come across many homes that had worn or eye-sore wallpaper that had to be removed. And so, it’s fair to say that wallpaper removal may be part of an overall interior home painting job. Or, not. You may go ahead and book wallpaper removal whenever you want.

In Oshawa wallpaper removal and wallpaper installation

Wallpaper Removal & Installation Oshawa

Do you want to schedule both wallpaper removal and installation? Oshawa customers often do. They want the existing wallpaper removed due to damage and wear or just because they don’t like the motif. And they choose a new wallpaper design to install. Is this your case too?

Removing wallpaper is not easy. It can be frustrating even for the pros who work with suitable tools – let alone for you. Instead of spending a whole weekend trying to remove the wallpaper running the risk of ruining the wall behind it at the same time, choose to contact us. It doesn’t cost much to remove wallpaper. And we assure you that the pros have removed wallpaper of all materials over the years. In other words, they have the experience to do the job as fast as possible and without damaging the wall.

Wallpaper installed on fixed and primed wall

Now, when this phase of the job is over and before the wallpaper installer takes over, the wall is prepped. The fact is that no wall behind wallpaper is ever perfect. And even if the wallpaper comes off by a pro with the right tools, some minor dents may still be inflicted. All such dents and flaws are fixed. Rest assured. The wall is perfected. Then it’s primed. That’s the secret to installing wallpaper perfectly to look good. The primers also help remove wallpaper easier when the time comes. So, if you want wallpaper removed properly and wallpaper installation right after that, contact us to be sure the job is carried out in the most professional manner.

Or, do you want wallpaper removed & the wall painted?

Do you want wallpaper removal and wall painting instead of wallpaper installation? No problem. The process of removing wallpaper is the same. And the pros fix all wall flaws and prime as required, as explained above. Now, instead of installing wallpaper, they paint the wall. If that’s what you want, don’t worry about the paint colors and finishes. We talk about all that beforehand. We walk you through the process and tell you all you want to know about the service before you even agree to work with us. So, if you want to learn details and get a free estimate for an Oshawa wallpaper removal and installation service or wall painting service, reach us without hesitation. There’s no obligation.